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Envestio Disappeared. It was a scam all along. I will come with an update on the lawsuit that has been going on.

Envestio started out in 2014 as a private investment fund, but grew and pivoted into a P2P platform in 2017. Based in Estonia, they have been killing it with their excellence and innovation. Envestio focuses mainly on business loans and real-estate loans. Some of their projects so far have been in the energy sector, hotel renovations, crypto-mining, wholesale factoring and transportation.  All their loans so far have been secured which give more trust for to investors.

Envestio Past Project

A sample of successfully funded projects

My very first investment was in November 2017. It was a state project – a wind turbine farm for 9 months with an interest rate of 20.55%. When I saw a long list of already successfully funded projects before this one, I knew its more trustworthy than others that have just started. It has since then been funded and my investment was paid back together with a nice 20.55% return.

Envestio P2P project loan

Getting Started

  • €0 fees for opening account
  • €0 fees for investing
  • €100 Minimum deposit (to earn signup bonus)
  • €1 as a minimum investment amount per project
  • Avg interest rates of 12%-21% (depending on project)
  • Withdrawals more than €5 (free of charge), and withdrawals less than €5 at charge of €2.

Buyback Guarantee

This is a really good option for investors who would like to liquidate their investments. At any given time Envestio enables you to sell your investment and Envestio will buy it all up from you. Any interests made till the time you sell you get to keep, however, this goes with a 5% fee, so you will get 95% of your investment money + interests made till last payment date.

Secured Debt

Envestio offers secured debt on all loans published so far. I have not yet seen a project not secured. This means that the borrower has provided additional legal insurance such as a mortgage, mixed collateral or personal guarantee, as well as other essential agreements.

When choosing a project to invest in, always find this table located in the bottom of the project page and make sure that Investment principle buyback available is Yes. and Financing type: Secured debt,

Secured debt and buyback
Loan information

Auto-Invest Feature

Envestio also offers an auto-invest tool that automatically re-invests your interests, based on the criteria you allow it to. This tool makes it easier to get in when new projects are published. With envestio being highly popular, most of their projects are funded within an hour.

Default Loans

This has never happened to any investments so far, however, the most important question is what happens if the loan defaults? If the borrower fails to repay the full loan by the final date, the borrower is given 5 working days to settle. After those 5 days, legal proceedings begin. This is when the loan defaults. At this point, the investor will receive 80% of the investments from Envestio on the next working day. You have the choice to make for the remaining 20%;

  1. You either choose to instantly receive 10%. So you have recovered 90% of your investment.
  2. Or wait until the end of the legal proceedings and the debt is fully recovered.

Interest Payment

Interest payments are always received on time. Once you start investing, on your dashboard you will always have a repayment schedule, showing the dates and amounts that will be paid on the day. On some days repayments are made a day later.

My Personal Experience

My experience has been very positive with Envestio. Knowing that at least 90% of my investments are secured gives me peace of mind and gives me trust into the platform.

In total, I have invested in 49x projects and till today (28 Sep 2019), 17x of those projects have been successfully paid back in full interests. I’m currently making an avg return of 11.24% however a huge amount was invested in the last month and are yet to be have interests paid out giving me a forecast of 17.23%.

Check my portfolio page to see the updates.

Over the summer there have been cash drag issues and between May-August 2019 a total of 5 projects only where released which made a lot of investors seek alternatives since a lot of their returns were idle. Now that quarter III kicked in, projects are again being published and based on Envestio latest news they have pre-approved projects totaling €10 000 000. So we should expect a good number of investment projects to choose from.

Interest rates are above average compared to all the P2P investment platforms. All projects are between 14%-21% of interest rates, making it my number one p2p platform choice. Projects are normally based in the Baltics area countries like Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

The platform has a very simple interface, and once you have cash in your platform is just about which project you want to invest in. Withdrawing money is very simple too, and whenever I needed money it arrived after a day, max 2 days in my bank account.

Envestio Dashboard
Personal Envestio Dashboard

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