Free Bonuses

When you are ready to invest, take advantage of the free signup bonuses and cashback offers by signing up through a referral link.

All platforms listed hereunder offer a signup bonus and that helps you get started and earn money on day 1 and also helps me keep going on this platform and pay for the monthly costs of running a website + the buckets of coffee I drink. The great thing about p2p lending and crowdfunding platforms is that you don’t need to be rich to start investing, in fact, some of them let you invest as little as €1 that way you can start building trust in the platform and start slowly as I did.

FYI The p2p platforms listed below, I’m all invested in and have been a member for at least 6 months.

mintos logo
  • Summary: Started in 2015, its the biggest and leader in this space reaching €3billion in investment loans. Offers loans in multiple currencies and very stable platform. Interest rates between 6%-12%, making it very attractive platform for beginners.
  • Read full review here →
  • Initial Investment Amount: €10
  • Bonus: 1% cashback.
  • Condition: Bonus paid on all funds invested in the first 90days after signing up.

bondora logo
  • Summary: A mintos competitor, also the oldest platform being in the business since 2008. Offers a range of unsecured personal and consumer loans with returns between 8%-15%. Platform lets you diversify your investments between AA loans (very safe) to HR loans (High risk). Read full review here →
  • Initial Investment Amount: €1
  • Bonus: €5 when simply opening an account. Additional 5% cashback.
  • Condition: 5% cashback bonus paid on the net investments within the first 30 days.

wisefund logo
  • Summary: One of the latest platforms to join the party. Offers some really great business loan projects across europe with some high returns and buyback guarantees plus covered by a protection fund. Still testing the waters with this platform but its high on my list. Read full review here →
  • Initial Investment Amount: €10
  • Bonus: 2.5% cashback.
  • Condition: Bonus paid on the net investment made within the first 270 days from date of registration

housers logo
  • Summary: A Real-estate crowdfunding platform based in Spain. Offers let you buy-to-sell, buy-to-let and development opportunities. Compared to the rest returns are smaller between 4%-10%, and the platform takes a small cut and taxation from your interests which eats from your profit
  • Bonus: €25 when signing up.
  • Condition: Minimum project investment is of €50 so you need to deposit a minimum of €25 to get started.

crowdestor logo
  • Summary: This platform has been killing it lately with the amount of huge investment opportunities around business loans. There are plenty of projects to diversify in and they offer great returns between 12% – 20%. All projects have are secured debt, however some projects do not pay monthly but pay lump sum interests after 6 months or 9 months depending on the project. Read full review here →
  • Initial Investment Amount: €50
  • Bonus: 1% Cashback on all investments within the first 90 days
  • Condition: Starting when you first invest, you will earn a 1% cashback on the first 90 days of total investments

Revolut logo
  • Summary: Handling your money couldn’t be easier with Revolut. This is not a P2P lending platform it’s a financial tech bank that allows you to load money easily on your app and send SEPA transfers to any of the top platforms. For those, you easily want to exchange currencies and diverse their investments you have to have Revolut. It’s also the best travel money currency managements. They provide you with a Visa Card and allows you to spend money in different currencies without any exchange fees.
  • Signup: Free follow the link
  • ATM withdrawals: €200 limit monthly for free
  • Global Transfers: Free

TransferWise logo
  • Summary: If you handle overseas money transfers you know that banks are charging you way too many fees and eating away your money. Transferwise doesn’t have any hidden fees and its the cheapest way to send, receive and exchange money. Transferwise is 8x cheaper a bank to transfer and send money abroad. Check your free upfront before sending any money, its a much smaller fee than banks.
  • Signup: Free follow the link
  • Bonus: Free First time transfer up to £500
  • Global Transfers: Check fee upfront