Grupeer Review

Grupeer is another strong P2P platform with a long track record and diversified type of loans. Based in Latvia and founded in 2016, it is a great alternative to platforms like Mintos and Bondora. Grupeer focuses on consumer loans but as of lately it also intriduced a high number of business loans at high returns of 13%. This makes it a great alternative not only to mintos and bondora, but also the others in the business loans sector like Envestio and Crowdestor. 

Grupeer Investment Loans

Available Investment Loans

My very first investment with Grupeer has been back in December 2018 where I spread the minimum investment amount on a few development projects of 14%. Grupeer has over 16 countries from where they serve different loan originators. This is vital important for diversification, because if a country experiences an economic risk, only a portion of that portfolio is in risk.

Personal Investments

My very first investments on Grupeer

Getting Started

  • €0 fees for opening account
  • €0 fees for investing
  • €10 as a minimum investment
  • Avg interest rates of 9%-15%

Buyback Guarantee

All loans offered on Grupeer have a buyback guarantee associated with them. In case the borrower delays the current payment for the loan for a period exceeding 60 calendar days, the credit company that issued this loan is obliged to immediately buy back both your share in the loan and the shares of the rest of the investors in the amount of outstanding principal of the claim and accrued interest.

Auto-Invest Feature

Just like similar platforms, Grupeer has its’ own auto-investment tool. This allows you to set automatic investments from your deposits and returns based on a number of criterias to choose from; such as Loan types (mortgage, business, personal, development), country, loan originator and interest rate interval.

Grupeer Auto Invest

Grupeer Auto Invest

Interest Payments

In terms of payments, Grupeer has been paying out on time. Due to the nature of investing little in many different loans its hard to keep schedule when payments are scheduled, however, we do get email notifications everytime a payment has been paid. So far very happy with the interests rates and I’m thinking of reducing the cashdrag on mintos and move it to grupeer.

Secondary Market

Grupeer is currently working on this feature that lets you sell or buy loans through a secondary market. There is no date to when it will be launched, however it is in the pipeline.

Grupeer Stability Fund

Grupeer Stability Fund is an opportunity to literally buy a square meter in a real estate property, with a simple click of the button. This way an investor will be an owner of a fraction in the office building or any other development project which already generates income. After investing in this product, client will receive a stable rental income from 4% to 8% yearly. This option is perfect for people who want to benefit from stability that investments in real estate offer, but don’t have the necessary amount of money usually required in this case. Grupeer Stability Fund will solve this problem!

My Personal Experience

I have been on grupeer for more than 10months now. I havent really invested heavily so far however, testing phase is over and I’m pleased to report its one of my favorite platforms and above Mintos and Bondora. I like the fact that they offer diversify loans in business and real-estate loans, while also offering consumer loans. They also offer high interest rates of 9-13% with buyback guarantees. So if you are looking for a mintos and bondora alternative which I find better and more transparent, this is the platform to get into.

Grupeer dashboard

Signup and Cashback Offers

When signing up a 1% cashback bonus will be paid out on all loans invested in the first 360 days from the date of registration.

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