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What is happening with Mintos?

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Mintos being the largest P2P platform, it sounds great and gives us investors peace of mind, however, its not all good. Lately, their interest rates plummetted and it has not been the first time that this happened.

With a lot of promotion and a huge demand for investing, comes consequences. Lately, I have seen my returns fall to around 5%, making it to an all-time low. I have changed my investment strategies over the past 4 months but nothing seems to work.

Aside from the low returns, I have also seen a lot of cash drag and my account had over €2,000 of money sitting around. I have withdrawn the amount for now and moved some money to Wisefund. Also looking to add more to Grupeer and try a new platform.

Mintos investment strategy
Auto Investment strategy

As you can see in the screenshot above I have 2 strategies, an aggressive one with loan investments starting from 15.5% (High risk) but I have also adjusted the custom loan one to invest within the range of 10.0% to 16.5%. Despite all this nothing really changes since the available loans within that criteria is very limited at the moment.

As said this is not the first time that happened, however its a matter of time until everything settles back in and we start seeing great returns. I still do think Mintos is the perfect platform for beginners who are looking for a ‘safe’ place to put their money and earn returns.

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