Nov 2019 Income Report

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November 2019 Income Report

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November flew by quickly and here comes my second documented Income report for the month. I have noted a significant decrease in my interest income, mainly due to fewer interest payment projects on Crowdestor. Also, there have been significantly lower affiliate earnings compared to October 2019. However, I’m still happy to report a total of €268.76 of passive income for the month of November 2019.

Monthly Summary Income Report

  • New Deposits: €200
  • Withdrawals: €500.11
  • Profit: €268.31
  • Affiliate Income: €2.54


Just like every other month, Envestio paid all interests on time. There were few repeated real-estate development projects released this month. I have decided to re-invest all my returns into the secondary market project ‘Power Plant Factoring/Development Phase 1‘ that is about to expire very soon in January 2020. I haven’t deposited any new amounts and I do not plan to, the reason being I want to better diversify my savings and income. A total income of €119.97 was earned in the month of November 2019.


Unlike last month returns on Crowdestor dipped. This is due to different payment schedules based on the project terms. A total income of €27.90 was paid out this month. I didn’t add any new investments this month but these guys have been killing it with the number of new projects. I like the platform’s transparency and I plan to add a few projects to my portfolio in the coming months.


No changes on the Wisefund platform. They did carry out some technical improvements and asked users to postpone from adding new funds. We should expect a number of new projects published in early December. Wisefund pays everything at the end of the month and a total income of €25.07 in returns was made.


Monethera is the top platform in terms of ROI. I added €200 to my account and invested in a new project ‘Self-Service Car Wash’ at 19.10%. Since the project is based in Poland, it provides further diversification in terms of region/country. A total income of €15.97 was paid out.


A few changes happened on Kuetzal this month. I have published an article earlier that lists the main changes. Based on these new changes I have changed my views on the Kuetzal platform and do not plan to add any money unless they change their terms & conditions.

As for interest payments, I have earned a total of €8.16 on my 2 project investments and a total of €2.54 on affiliate earnings.


The other rockstar platform in my portfolio is bondora. A total of €55.70 has been paid out in November. I am still moving my interests and my repayments into Bondora Go & Grow to easily liquidate my money when I need.


The returns on Mintos continue to shrink and I refuse to re-invest my money. A total income of €5.75 has been paid out. The plan is to withdraw everything and have a break from this platform until I read some positive reviews from other investors.


Not much is invested in Grupeer but payments have been made successfully and I do trust the platform. I think it makes the perfect alternative for Mintos boring returns. A total of €3.20 has been paid.


More and more delayed payments on the Housers projects. I have earned a total of €3.28 in November on one of the projects. I still have 2 projects which are stalled and there was no communication from the team. I withdrew a total of €104.05 from one project that has been funded successfully. The plan is to withdraw everything and exit this platform.


I continued investing in short term loans and still testing the waters with small amounts at this stage. A total of €0.77 has been paid out this month. I like that all short term loans come with a buyback guarantee.

Sun Exchange

A new platform has been added to my portfolio. Sunexchange is a marketplace where you can purchase solar cells and have them power businesses and communities in the sunniest locations on earth. Up till now, the locations have been in South Africa, which makes perfect sense as they have sun all year round. I’ll come up with a review later on when I start getting more comfortable with the platform. The only thing is that since I do not own a South African bank account I can only invest in Bitcoin (BTC). This is not an issue for me but could be for others looking to invest.

I have purchased a total of 10 solar cells in a project called ‘Groote Schuur High School‘, at an 11.47% return yearly. This is a high school in South Africa looking to utilize their roof space for solar energy installation. This is so far a very exciting platform, not only it provides regional diversity, but it’s also something towards sustainable investing.


A small update on bitcoin and crypto in general. I continued to purchase small amounts of Bitcoin on its way down, continuing with my with the dollar-cost averaging strategy. I did buy a total of 0.055BTC at different price levels. The price dropped to a bottom €5946 and been buying a few amounts on its way down. With this strategy, I’m always in profit so far but that might change quickly if the price goes further down. Learn more on my previous post on how I view Bitcoin and my strategies.

That’s it for this month. Check out my portfolio page for a more in-depth investment summary. How has your month been? Have you saved and invested as much as you would like? Let me know in the comments your pains, struggles or your wins, achievements. Or get in touch through my email. Peace!

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