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October 2019 Income Report

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October has gone so fast and here I am presenting my first ever income report after more than 2 years of saving, investing and testing platforms and making sure everything is as stable as it can be. I am extremely happy and excited to share with you a very successful month totaling €310.10 of passive income interests. Here find my detailed income report for the month of October.

Monthly Summary Income Report

  • Deposits: €1000
  • Withdrawals: €308.71
  • Profit: €310.10
  • Affiliate Income: €21.72


Envestio has been the rockstar platform for these past 14 months in terms of ROI. Of course, it’s where I have most of my money invested however, it has been working like clockwork interests have been always paid on time so far. A total income of €107.04 was earned in the month of October 2019. There were a few new projects published and therefore I re-invested all my returns plus deposited an extra €400 and invested in the Development of large dolomite and in the other project Spare parts wholesale company.


This has been a good month in terms of returns. Crowdestor has different payment schedules based on the project terms and this month a lot of my quarterly payment projects were paid out. A total income of €43.52 was paid out this month. I didn’t have any new investments. I was about to invest in the processing of fur project which had a really high ROI however, on a second thought I found it very unethical and against my values as a human. Therefore the amount deposited was withdrawn and invested elsewhere.


I have been growing my trust and confidence in Wisefund. And saw a huge project with great returns in the UK that diversified my investments in terms of region. I deposited a total of €600 and invested €200 in Warehouse automation and €400 in the Organic fertiliser manufacture. In terms of returns, this month was also pretty good. Wisefund pays everything at the end of the month and a total income of €28.30 in returns was made.


Monethera is the top platform in terms of ROI. I haven’t added any new deposits in this platform although they have published a few good projects. I’ll plan to add more in the coming months. A total income of €16.42 was paid out.


Another great platform, Kuetzal. Not much movement has happened in October. They did publish a few high-end projects however I did not invest in any. A total of €8.16 was paid out.

In terms of affiliates, I had my first signing and earned a total income of €21.72. That has been really encouraging although it is not a lot it helps pay for expenses on this blog. So thank you reader out there!


The other rockstar platform by bondora. I have been compounding my interests ever since early 2017. A total of €60.33 has been paid out in October. I have been moving my interests and my repayments into Bondora Go & Grow the reason being that I might need a few money at hand in the coming months to pay for furnishing a new home and Go & Grow can easily liquidate my money.


Not much has been going on here. The returns on Mintos have dropped significantly and have been experiencing cash drag issues. A total income of €6.95 has been paid out. I have stopped re-investing and compounding. I moved some of the returns to other high paying platforms and plan to withdraw all my money for the new home furnishings. It is a slow drip and takes months for all payments to payout.


Not much is invested in Grupeer but payments have been made successfully and I do trust and like it more. I think it makes the perfect alternative for Mintos. A total of €14.77 has been paid.


I don’t like talking about this platform and its not part of my review list yet. When it comes it will be a bad review. More delayed payments on the projects. I have earned a total of €3.20 on one project and plan to withdraw my available capital. Housers has a very bad customer experience, their support does not reply. I have to re-provide the bank account details and other papers to withdraw my money and 3 out of 5 projects invested have suffered delayed payments with not much information.


I have been investing in short term loans and still testing the waters with small amounts. A total of €0.40 has been paid out this month. Nothing much to add here. I do plan to add more money but I prefer adding it in higher and better platforms.


A small update on bitcoin. There have been no sell orders or any returns here but I continued with the dollar-cost averaging strategy I did buy a total of 0.032BTC at different price targets. The price dropped to around €6600 and been buying a few amounts on its way down. I did shoot up like 40% in a few hours however I never chase the high price targets. I always let the price settle and come to me. I have already set a buy order of 0.01BTC at €7200 which is €1000 less at the time of writing. Learn more on my previous post on how I view Bitcoin and my strategies.

That’s it for this month. Check out my portfolio page for a more in-depth investment summary. How has your month been? Have you saved and invested as much as you would like? Let me know in the comments your pains, struggles or your wins, achievements. Or get in touch through my email. Peace!

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