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Start investing with as little as €100 and grow rich.

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One common myth that you hear over and over again is that money investing is for the rich or for adults. It’s such a cliche! but this is not true and I want to suggest a few ways on how to start investing with as little as €100 and if you are strict about it you can grow rich in the longer term.

This is nothing like a get rich quick scheme those don’t exist unless you are lucky winning the lottery. This is a simple strategy that teaches you all about money management, meaning that you set your mindset to set aside a few amounts each month for your future independence.

Tips to start investing small amount
You don’t need to be rich to start your investment journey!

1. Initial investment can be as small as €10

Investing does not need to be expensive. You don’t need to be a Warren Buffet or a Mark Cuban from shark tank to invest. There are plenty of options where you can start as little as €10 not a €100 but €10!! Of course, that won’t make you a lot of returns but the idea here is to open yourself and stretch your investment muscle to grow into the future. Some P2P platforms offer up to 15% returns. So if you start small with €10 the return is small €1.50 but with €100 you can earn up to €15 a year plus extra bonus signup that you can easily earn for simply opening a free account.

I welcome you to check my free bonus page that will help you choose a P2P platform that suits you and that allows you to start small.

2. You don’t need to pay a financial advisor

Starting investing can be daunting and most often overwhelming, but you don’t need expert advice to start your very first investment. P2P Platforms have very little friction. You can open an account within minutes, verify your details and send a bank transfer to the specific details given by the platform. Platforms like Envestio, Wisefund, and Monethera make it super simple to start. Deposit money and choose a project you like and want to invest in.

3. You don’t need to spend lots of time

The beauty of P2P investments is that you don’t need to spend any time following your investments. Once you choose the project and invest then all you have to do is check the payment schedule and login monthly to see your returns. It’s pretty easy to maintain!

4. Repeat

Once you stretch your investment muscle and become comfortable with investing and with the platforms, set yourself targets, keep investing and most importantly start diversifying into different platforms and different investment streams. Believe me, it feels good to earn €200 a month which is my current position.

If this still feels overwhelming I have written another article for the beginner investor, feel free to read more. Also, stay in touch as I plan to release more articles for the beginner investor. It was very overwhelming for me to start and had to learn a lot by myself so I want to make it easy for others.

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